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Grace Unlimited 
Melvin and April Jackson
Los Angeles, CA

Located in south-central Los Angeles, Grace Unlimited Ministries ministers primarily to single, unwed parents and troubled teens whose parents don't attend church.

The church sponsers food and clothing drives and offers drug and alcohol counseling. They encourage and help build strong support for believers through counseling and likewise build confidence through positive relationships.

Please consider a gift! This ministry is funded in part by Home Missions. You may give to this ministry directly by contacting Grace Unlimited  at bchrist4u@aol.com. Or, give to the ministry's Home Missions grant at www.crhm.org.  

Contact (mailing address)
603-B East University Drive
PMB #301
Carson, CA 90746
(323) 789-7207
Email: bchrist4u@aol.com
Website: www.graceunlimitedministries.org


January 2012


"Always keep on praying for all the saints."
                                                                 Ephesians 6:18