Discipleship and Campus Ministry

Students pose on the shore of Lake Michigan after baptism

Four students were baptized this year in 45-degree Lake Michigan. It was cold - and it was awesome!

Discipleship is the buzz word in Christian circles right now. Whatever the reason for this, I am pleased that the church is focusing more on how to disciple one another. At Loyola we have focused our Sunday teaching and bible studies around growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. It is rewarding in an unusual way because I am being grown against my natural inclinations. Let me explain:

I am becoming more and more convinced that our ministry needs to not only focus on our large group gathering but on the large campus. We should be pouring more prayer, time, and effort into where students live not just on our large group worship and bible studies. We should shift to be more missional, incarnational, organic...

Whatever you want to call it this shift means a more intentional focus on discipleship and less of a focus on the number of disciples. Hey, I'm human. I notice when a lot of people show up. I notice when very few people show up. There is energy in a large gathering and that is not bad. It is actually a wonderful gift God has given our ministry a few short years. However, I want to grow in my ability to point people to Jesus in order for them to be disciple. It seems to be a natural progression in our ministry arc and one that I am happy to follow.

Thanks for reading,
Mike Moore,
Loyola University Campus Ministry

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit Conference

March 11-14, 2013

Camp Geneva
Holland, MI

As these dynamics combine together, facilitated by the leadership yet made real by the Holy Spirit, we experience a complex reality that evidences Jesus' reign as head of His body, the church. These are:

  • Dynamic # 1 — Divine Love Drawing Us into Participation
  • Dynamic # 2 — Intercessory Prayer: Inviting God's Engagement
  • Dynamic # 3 — The Gift of Faith: Opening the Door to God's Activity
  • Dynamic # 4 — Spiritual Discernment: Making Obedience Safe
  • Dynamic # 5 — Receiving Divine Guidance for Cooperating with the Holy Spirit
  • Dynamic # 6 — Welcoming the Gifts and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
  • Dynamic # 7 — Seeing and Responding to "Kairos" Moments

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit gives principles to pastors and church leaders on how to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than outside influences, to grow Christ's church. This book offers a biblical basis and practical approach for nurturing a dynamic cooperative process within churches, drawing on experience from around the world. By learning these dynamics and putting in place the means for them to be exercised, renewal and transformation will come to congregations.

Creamy Cold Goodness

"My day just got a whole lot better." — Student at UBCO FALL 2012

The idea was simple: Hand out free ice cream as a way of blessing students at UBCO. No gimmicks, no tricks, no catch. Just the gift of creamy cold goodness. To make it possible, we partnered financially with the Well church. So, for 2 hours on a sunny afternoon in late September, the student leaders of Wellspring Christian Fellowship set up in the courtyard in the center of campus and handed out over 400 ice cream cones with 5 different flavor options. Students couldn't believe that we would do such a thing. Question after question came — "Why are you doing this?" Our answer was simple and straightforward — "We want to bless people today."

Later that night, we had our fourth Thursday Night Dinner of the school year and hosted a record 56 students — who showed up hungry for food and friendship. Before the meal I explained that both the ice cream and the dinner were a gift from the campus ministry. In giving gifts, we mirror God who is more generous than we could ever imagine! We respond appropriately to the gracious gift giving of God by living lives of gratitude.

September 2012 has been a great start for Wellspring Christian Fellowship! Please keep us in your prayers as we partner with God to minister to the students and faculty at UBCO.

~Pastor Sam Gutierrez, Wellspring Christian Fellowship