Sample of Bylaws

Geneva Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa
The Geneva Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa was originally envisioned to include in its partnership the Classes in Iowa of the Reformed Church in America. Although, regrettably, unforeseen circumstances prevented it from becoming a reality at present, nonetheless, it is the ongoing hope of the Geneva Campus Ministry Board that its partnership with the RCA shall be reflected in its bylaws of the near future. We look forward to that day!

Article I Name of Campus Ministry
The name of the campus ministry shall be Geneva Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa.

Article II Concept of Geneva Campus Ministry
Geneva Campus Ministryis an effort of Classis Pella of the Christian Reformed Church, committed to the gathering of a community of God's people at the University of Iowa, engaging in wholistic kingdom ministries that are sustained in relationships of mutual accountability and served by campus minister(s) of the Christian Reformed Church.

Article II Goals of Geneva Campus Ministry
A. To eagerly foster an awareness on the campus of the University of Iowa of the relevance of the Christian message to the specialized context of higher education;

B. To persistently nurture and equip students, faculty and staff as well as International students and scholars, from within and outside the Reformed community through public lectures, study groups, retreats, symposia and conferences; presenting a biblical world and life view as a reliable basis for studies, research, teaching and service;

C. To boldly gather students, faculty, and staff into fellowship with Christ and other members of His body on campus.

Article IV Geneva Campus Ministry Personnel
A. The Geneva Campus Ministry is led by a campus minister (ordained or unordained person) who preferably is a member of the Christian Reformed Church.

B. The Campus Ministry personnel shall work closely with The New Life Community Church (RCA), and The Chinese Church of Iowa City (Christian Reformed) in order to effectively serve the larger Reformed community at the University.

C. Ordinarily, a Christian Reformed church shall serve as the calling church of the campus minister and act as the supervisory body for the campus minister's life and faith

D. The campus minister will be responsible to the Geneva Campus Ministry Board arid through them to the Classical Home Missions Committee of Classis Pella

Article V Geneva Campus Ministry Board
A. Membership on the Board shall include at least 7 but no more than 9 members to serve in the following positions. The Campus Minister serves as ex-officio. (*Except the appointed members, other are recommended by the Campus Minister and approved by the Geneva Ministry Board.)

a. One Classical representative from the CRC Classes in Iowa appointed by Classis Pella CRC.
b. One representative from New Life Community Church appointed by its Council.
c. One representative from the Chinese CRC appointed by its Council.
d. One UI faculty
e. One UI graduate student
f.  One U1 undergraduate student
g. One International representative (faculty, staff, or student)

2. The Board exists to serve and carry out the tasks of the Geneva Campus Ministry at Ul.

3. Members shall serve for a period of 3 years, and may serve two consecutive terms if reelected after which they may not be reelected for a period of at least one year. Duration of the Student representatives will be more flexible due to the nature of their non-permanent status.

Article VI Meetings
The Board shall meet approximately once per month.

Article VII Duties and Powers
1. The Board shall elect its own officers: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. Establish, review, monitor and evaluate campus ministry programs, goals and objectives.

3. Establish a campus ministry budget, update budget annually, receive and disburse funds and coordinate all financial matters

4. Select and remove the campus minister from position of service.

5. Provide counsel, support and supervision of the work of the campus minister as well as all the programs and activities sponsored by the campus ministry

6. Assist the campus minister in reporting, advertising, and related matters.

7. Serve as interpreters of the campus minister and/or ministry to the supporting constituencies,

Article VIII Responsibilities of the Officers of the Board
The officers of the Board shall include the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and vicar. The officers shall be elected for a term of one year starting on September 1. The individual office responsibilities are as follows:

1. Chairperson - The chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Board and be the official spokesperson for the Geneva Campus Ministry Board

2. Secretary - The secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board. The secretary is also responsible for all correspondence for the Board.

3. Treasurer - The treasurer shall control and properly record all financial matters for the Board.

4. Vicar - The vicar shall serve in the absence of the chairperson, secretary, or treasurer.

Article IX Audit
The Board shall arrange for an annual financial audit.

Article X Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by the Geneva Campus Ministry Board as approved by two thirds of the members of the Board and ratified by the Classical Home Missions Committee of Classis Pella.

ByIaws of Geneva Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa
Approved by the Geneva Campus Ministry Board on 3/3/99