CRWM Project Giving Guide (2011-12) CRWM Project Giving Guide (2011-12) CRWM Project Giving Guide (2011-12)


Ministry at a Glance

Russia is a country characterized by great physical, economic, and spiritual resources but experiencing limited realization of these potentials. With over 70% of citizens claiming ties to the Christian faith, less than 5-7% are practicing believers or know the essential teachings of the Christian faith. Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) works with Pentecostal, Reformed and Baptist unions in Eastern European countries to identify effective evangelistic strategies and build capacity in church multiplication. CRWM also provides administrative leadership, teaching and other support for a missionary Bible school and engages individual churches to send out missionary teams. Seven churches have grow out of this work since 2009 and two new church plants will be launched this year. Throughout our years of ministry in Russia, CRWM has also collaborated with the CRC’s World Literature Ministries to assist in publishing Russian language Christian literature.

Ministry Focus

Christian Reformed World Missions focuses on church-planting and practical theological training in Eastern Europe.  Generous use of Christian libraries and publication of Christian literature continue to assist in this work.


Gary and Galina (Galya) Timmerman, based in St. Petersburg


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Ministry History

Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) began ministry in Russia in 1995 with Christian publishing and multi-confessional Christian libraries in major cities. Recognizing the spiritual background of atheism among post-Soviet citizens, the libraries served:

  • to provide spiritual enlightenment that combats religious illiteracy and superstitions
  • to strengthen individual and family values on the basis of traditional Christian morality
  • to provide visitors with direct contacts and other links to become united with a local church of their choice
  • to conduct inter-church dialogue in the spirit of mutual respect

St. Petersburg Christian Library & Media Center continues to exist, and we are grateful to see this method of ministry being transferred to local partners who have blessed its work over many years. The Media Center will expand its website to deliver audio versions of classic theological works and contemporary sermons to its digital clientele. 

Fast Facts About Russia     

  • Population: 142,500,000
  • Unreached:  12,690,000
  • People Groups: 161
  • Unreached Groups: 76
  • Primary Language: Russian, Ukrainian, Tartar
  • Primary Religions: Christianity 70%; Muslim 12%; Buddhism 1%; Judaism 1%; atheism 7%
  • Evangelical: 1.0%