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Scholarships for the Perspectives Course

Up to three $200 scholarships are available to qualified applicants from an ethnic minority to attend a Perspectives Course. 

Diversity and Anti-Racism


Why Diversity and Anti-Racism? 

One of Christian Reformed World Missions’ core values states:

We value the image of God in all people and the humility that opens us up to respect, learn from and grow with them.  We dismantle racism and address other abuses of power within our context and work with our partners to address these abuses in their contexts.

Why do we use the term 'anti-racism'?  Isn't that a negative term?  Why can't we just celebrate our diversity? 

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Vision:  We see a future where CRWM's stated value of anti-racism permeates all that CRWM is and does.

Mandate: The World Missions Anti-Racism Team exists to help CRWM identify and implement policies to move us towards our vision.  We do this by encouraging all CRWM departments to develop and take ownership of specific anti-racism goals, and by providing support as they do so. 

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