Everybody Belongs.
Everybody Serves.

Disability Concerns helps churches intentionally seek
• To end the isolation and disconnectedness of persons with disabilities and their families;
• To nurture the spiritual lives of people with disabilities so that they become professing and active members of their churches; and
• To encourage the gifts of people with disabilities so that they can serve God fully in their churches. (more about Disability Concerns)

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Webinar recording now available: "Everybody Serves: The Picture Needs Each Piece"
Hope Centre Director Shellie Power and Disability Concerns Director Mark Stephenson teach ways to recognize that every individual, including persons with disabilities, has been created with gifts that are needed by the body of Christ. View this webinar.

Disability Concerns Releases Five Videos for Training Children and Youth Ministry Leaders
This past summer, the Christian Reformed and Reformed Church in America synods approved recommendations encouraging churches and ministries to engage children and youth with disabilities fully in church programs and ministries. CRC and RCA Disability Concerns ministries responded by sponsoring a conference on this topic and producing videos that can be watched individually or in groups. Many of the videos come with accompanying handouts. Topics include Congregational Student Ministry and Church Experience of Parents of Children with Disabilities. Find links to all five videos on our Resources for Church Education page.

Videos from Disability Concerns: We have three new videos available for disability awareness worship services, discussion starters, or small groups.

  • Disability and Vocation: Michael Feir
  • Disability and Church Support: Pot Family
  • Disability Discrimination: Francine Bell
  • Disability Concerns at Synod/General Synod: CRC and RCA Disability Concerns ministries were featured at a combined meeting of the 2014 CRC Synod and RCA General Synod. An extended version of the recitation of Psalm 139, which concluded the presentation, was produced by Faith RCA in Dyer, Indiana.
  • DC Director Mark Stephenson talked with David Schuringa, President of Crossroad Bible Institute, on a recent episode of Crossroad Connection: "How people with disabilities strengthen the church."
  • Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs Everybody Serves. The second edition (June 2013) of our popular handbook includes articles by disability advocates from several Christian traditions. The handbook gives disability advocates (formal and informal) tools to welcome and engage people with disabilities in church life. Order from Faith Alive Christian Resources.