Let Justice Roll is reprinted with permission of Reformed Worship, © 2003, CRC Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49560. www.reformedworship.org

Let Justice Roll

Worship Planning Resources with a Justice Theme

by Elizabeth Vander Haagen and Jay Blankespoor

How much justice in worship is enough justice?

Churches often develop a service once a year around one specific justice issue like hunger, but rarely does justice penetrate every week of our worship, or even better, every component of that weekly worship.

How can the whole of our worship service reflect God's special love and passionate concern for those who are poor and excluded? These resources will help worship planners integrate God's call to justice in worship throughout the church year.

The Reformed tradition understands worship as covenant renewal. In worship we remember our covenant relationship with God and how that is connected with our relationships with our neighbors.

We recommit ourselves to living as God would have us live. As the people of God, we come together to recall and proclaim the history of salvation, the story of God's delivering power in this world-a story filled with God's special love and passionate concern for the poor and excluded, the enslaved and oppressed.

In worship we celebrate God's past, present, and future deliverance and proclaim the already-but-not-yet kingdom of God in which peace will exist in its fullness and all people, regardless of age, race, or gender, will flourish in God's presence.