What You Can Do

Domestic Poverty in the US: Hunger and US Budget Cuts

Bread for the World is currently encouraging Christians to weigh in as Congress debates budget bills and deficit reduction proposals that will have major consequences for hungry and poor people. In the context of confusing political rhetoric, Bread for the World has helpful resources for understanding the implications of various budget proposals and their impact on the poorest people in our country.

Some current proposals will literally reduce our deficit on the backs of people who can least afford it. It is important that Christians speak out against such proposals and let our representatives in Congress know that we believe there should be a circle of protection around programs for hungry and poor people. Take action today!

Domestic Poverty in Canada: Dignity for All Campaign

Get involved in Dignity for All, a national campaign co-founded by CRC partner, Citizens for Public Justice, that calls for the federal government to combat the structural causes of poverty in Canada.

As a Christian and a Canadian, do you believe that freedom from poverty is a human right?
Do you believe in equality among people?
That we are all entitled to social and economic security?

The persistence of poverty in Canada challenges our core belief in Canada as a caring nation. But what will it take for Canada to eliminate poverty and address its deep root causes in this country?

Dignity for All is asking for support and action from individuals, organizations, churches, and community groups across the country to achieve a federal poverty elimination plan and sufficient investment in social security for all Canadians.

If you believe in dignity for all, join us in ending poverty in Canada. Take action today!