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Prison Ministry Training

Dear Prison Ministry Volunteer*:

Thank you for your interest in this manual, Prison Ministry Volunteer Training Workshop. This manual will be of benefit to:

The manual consists of three chapters.

Chapter 1: Ministry within defined parameters

Chapter 2: The effects of incarceration

Chapter 3: Restorative Justice in Prison Ministry

Each session lasts approximately two hours. The whole course can be taught in a day-long session or divided into three separate evening sessions. Two manuals and video presentations are provided on the web. The manuals can be downloaded and printed front-to-back.

Participant’s Manual. Each participant is encouraged to have a manual, for use in the exercises and taking notes.

Facilitator’s Manual. This manual includes directions to and materials for all the exercises, answers to questions and directions for use of the video presentations

Video Presentations:
Session 1
Session 2

The video presentations include:

As you minister to inmates or mentor former inmates, may this manual prepare you to minister more effectively as you truly provide an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance—a place where inmates are able to experience God’s grace and forgiving love.

Rev. John Lamsma


*NOTE:  This manual is geared to ministry in correctional facilities in the U.S.  The Canadian Correctional System is different enough that a bi-national manual could not be written.