Partner Organizations


The work of justice begins in community—so the Centre for Public Dialogue has established partnerships with a community of fellow justice seekers. Visit the websites of our partner organizations below to learn more about their good work.


Reformed Church in America (RCA), Regional Synod of Canada

The Centre for Public Dialogue is grateful to be able to partner with the RCA Canada in its work. This partnership is formalized in the person of Debbie van Hoeve, who is the RCA Canada's official observer to the Centre for Public Dialogue


Office of Social Justice (OSJ)

The OSJ is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America that responds to God's call to let justice flow like a river in both personal and communal lives. They educate CRC members, encourage and support their engagement in social justice issues, encourage and are occasionally participate in direct advocacy.



Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee (CAMC)

CAMC is a committee of the Christian Reformed Church that educates CRC members about Aboriginal issues in Canada and encourages reconciliation between CRC members and their Aboriginal neighbours.



Diaconal Ministries Canada (DMC)

DMC partners with churches and para-church organizations across Canada to demonstrate God's love in the community. Their mission is to inspire, equip and encourage deacons, churches and their partners in transforming communities with the love of Christ. To carry out this mission, DMC values prayer, celebration, collaboration, servant leadership, gift-based ministry, holistic ministry and justice.


Canadian Council of Churches (CCC)

The CCC is the largest ecumenical body in Canada, now representing 20 churches of Anglican, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. They are one of the few ecumenical bodies in the world that includes such a range of Christian churches. The officers and staff of the Council are drawn from the whole diversity of traditions represented by the member churches.


Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC)

The EFC is the national association of evangelical Christians, gathered together for influence, impact and identity in ministry and public witness. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals and a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society.



KAIROS Canada unites churches and religious organizations in a faithful ecumenical response to the call to "do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8). They deliberate on issues of common concern, advocate for social change and join with people of faith and goodwill in action for social transformation.


Project Ploughshares

Ploughshares is an ecumenical agency of the Canadian Council of Churches working toward a vision of a secure world without war, and a just world at peace. The CRC has been an official sponsor of Project Ploughshares since 2006.


Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ)

CPJ's mission is to promote public justice in Canada by shaping key public policy debates through research and analysis, publishing and public dialogue. CPJ encourages citizens, leaders in society and governments to support policies and practices which reflect God’s call for love, justice and stewardship.