About the Sea to Sea Bike Tour

  • Expected to be the largest cross-continental bike tour ever.
  • Begins June 21, 2013, in Los Angeles
  • Ends nine weeks later in New York City
  • Stops include Phoenix, Rehoboth, Colorado Springs, Pella, Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Toronto.
  • 3,900 total miles
  • Shorter options are available.
  • Celebrations staged along the route, usually on Sundays.

Why Are Cyclists Riding

  • To raise awareness and money to fight poverty around the world.
  • To motivate people to become involved in working with the poor.
  • To celebrate and highlight the history and common work of the partnering agencies.

Poverty Facts

  • Nearly half the world—three billion people—live on less than $2.50 a day.
  • 18 children die every minute due to poverty—that’s one child every 3 seconds.
  • About 2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized.
  • 400 million people do not have access to health services.
  • More than nine million people die worldwide each year because of hunger and malnutrition.

Tour Partners

  • Tour partners include the Reformed Church in America, Partners Worldwide, and World Renew/CRWRC—an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
  • Tour proceeds will support new and ongoing programs that break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families, and communities around the world.
  • 35% of all proceeds will be distributed to local church programs that assist the poor.
  • Each coast-to-coast cyclist’s fund-raising target is $10,000.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • To raise $3 million to support the work of agencies to alleviate poverty locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To enhance passion for engaging in ministry work that transforms lives and communities.
  • To recognize the power of prayer.