Time to Celebrate

Lis Van Harten

(First appeared in the March 2011 issue of Ministry Reports to Classes and Councils.)

The CRC’s SPE project is one of 65 projects located within the United States. (The CRC has the only bi-national project.) It has been estimated that ten percent of all US clergy have participated in an SPE peer learning (PL) group. The impact on clergy is significant. So much so that what started as a project is now being called a movement.

In May, a celebration event will be held in Indianapolis, IN marking almost ten years of the SPE Project. There is much to celebrate and the CRC is taking an active role in that. Work is underway on a promotional video that will include interviews with participating pastors, project directors, and denominational leaders. The CRC is part of the team working on the video and several of our folks will be interviewed. Over 400 people (project directors and stake holders) will attend the event which includes a number of workshops. The CRC SPE project will offer one of them.   A book will be published within the next year on PL groups. Five project directors are contributing a chapter on their particular model of PL groups. The CRC’s model will be one of the five.

Closer to home, SPE continues to be an important program for CRC pastors. At a recent gathering, pastors learned about PL groups and their benefits. When asked if the pastors were encouraged to join a peer group one pastor said, “Absolutely! I see the value and I need it!”