The Christian Reformed Church is a church in two nations. One half of the church is in Canada and the other in the United States. The Canadian context is joyously unique. The national differences are seen in approaches to social policy, cultural multiplicity, governmental structure, all the way to differing local contexts and distinctive attitudes or behaviours.  As such, doing ministry in Canada demands that all the components of the denomination address the uniqueness that is experienced north of the border as much as it does in the USA.  In these web pages it is our hope that you will find the resources and information you need to conduct powerful ministry. Along with that, you will probably gain an appreciation for how the church operates uniquely here in Canada.

Canada has a long history with the Christian Reformed Church. It began here in 1905 in Alberta and is now country wide. Particular ministries have arisen from within our context such as the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue, our Aboriginal Ministry Centres, and partner groups like Diaconal Ministries Canada. We invite you to explore the pages and information provided here to get a full grasp on how the binational church finds a distinct context in the Great White North.

Directory for Ministry in Canada

This directory is geared toward church leaders in Canada and is a simple listing and description of all the denominational ministries that you can avail yourself to in the Canadian context. It is constantly being updated and now includes partner ministries of the CRC as well. Many ministry leaders have found it helpful as a resource for their local work and to orienting their church to all that is useful for the local church. Feel free to print it out or distribute it electronically as you wish.


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