Christian and Reformed Higher Education

The Christian Reformed Church has a long history of integrating faith into all parts of life. Consequently, we have established places of learning with a Reformed world and life view nearly every place we go. From elementary schools through colleges and universities you can find quality Christian and comprehensive education closely paired with the CRCNA. In Canada, our ministry is extended to our official denominational college and seminary (Calvin) located in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as two unique places for Christian colleges: The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta and Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario.

Calvin University is committed to shaping the hearts and minds of young people, creating skilled and visionary leaders.


Calvin Institute for Christian Worship is an interdisciplinary study and ministry center located at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary that offers a wide range of practical resources and scholarly works for congregational leaders, pastors, worship teachers, students, and others interested in worship. These resources serve as tools for planning and leading worship, as well as for studying the history, theology, and practice of worship worldwide. The website provides free resources (articles, audio files, slideshows, and more), plus links to purchase Worship Institute books, CDs, and hymnals.


Calvin Theological Seminary has been challenging and equipping ministers since 1876. A holistic approach nurtures minds, hearts, hands, and relationships.


Institute for Christian Studies is an interdisciplinary graduate school where the gospel's message of renewal shapes our pursuit of wisdom; and scholars focus on the intersection of Reformational philosophy and contemporary scholarship and society.



The King's University interdisciplinary curriculum means that all fields work together and nothing is studied in isolation. This stems from the belief that this reflects the Creator's design.


Redeemer University is an undergraduate Christian liberal arts and science university committed to academic excellence and to enabling students to discover their unique gifts and callings in life. And be sure to check out Resound, Redeemer's online, multi-faceted publishing hub for the wide variety of stories coming out of Redeemer year-round.