Local Church

Jesus came for two reasons. One, to die so that we might have new life. Two, to establish places of ministry from which His grace would be made known. We call those places "the local church". In Canada, the local church takes a variety of expressions. From transformed downtown bars, to house churches, and the traditional places of worship you typically think of. Each has a place. As a denomination, it is our hope that you will find the encouragement, tools, resources and support you need to make His grace known in the church where you belong.


The focus of Faith Formation is on equipping believers to grow in their faith through all stages of life.
We are a missional community with a kingdom vision.
Proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ and worshipping him in word and deed.
This area of ministry strives to hear and respond to the cries of the oppressed, forsaken, and disadvantaged.
Servant Leadership is on mission to identify, recruit, and train leaders to be servants in God's kingdom.
We partner with a variety of organizations as we minister to the needs of the church and the people of Canada and beyond.