We partner with a variety of organizations as we minister to the needs of the church and the people of Canada and beyond.

Focus on the Family Clergy Care Network (Care for Pastors and their Spouses) If you're a pastor or a family member of a pastor or missionary, you will find all kinds of practical information and encouragement from one of the faithful partners of the Christian Reformed Church here in Canada. Opportunities for retreat, counselling and other resources are available on their website which describes their purpose to care for pastors and their family in this way: "Ministry is a high calling, but it's not for the faint of heart! Inherent in this line of work can be long hours, expectations of others, self-sacrifice and incredible times of joy. The Clergy Care Network and Focus on the Family Canada are here to help provide guidance when life is challenging — and to rejoice with you when things are going well."

Christian Direction Christian Direction is a partner of the CRCNA for several years and is very valuable to local churches in their missional efforts to reach their community (esp. urban ones). Under the direction of Glenn Smith, who was a keynote speaker at the Canadian National Gathering in 2016, Christian Direction works in the areas of Youth Centres, Contextual Theological Training, Cultural Communities, Equipping Seminars, Ministry with the most vulnerable, Partners in the Marketplace, Education, Expo Outreach, Resources for Congregations and Sustainable Urban Community Development.