Global Missions

As the church, our primary objective is to start and strengthen local churches, both in North America and around the world. We are a missional community with a kingdom vision. Therefore, we seek to be witnesses and agents of the kingdom “to the ends of the earth.”

Salaam 2.0 Numerous Muslim people are settling in Canada and finding their way to our neighbourhoods, providing us with the challenge of meeting them and bearing witness for Christ. Salaam 2.0 is a ministry program that will help equip churches in doing just that. In this brief video, Greg Sinclair, Salaam 2.0 Ministry Leader, describes our changing world and the current situation in which we live, and how we can look for areas in which Christianity and Islam can agree and work together. 

Steps to Start Engaging Your Neighbourhood As a church planter with a passion for changing neighbours from strangers to friends in meaningful relationships, I wanted to share a few ways you can start being active in YOUR neighbourhood.