Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership has the mission of identifying, recruiting, and training leaders to be servants in the kingdom of God. The lifelong equipping of all leaders is essential for the flourishing of churches and ministries. Servant leaders put their focus on the growth of the ministries and the communities that they serve. This type of inspired leadership encourages transformation.

Elders, Deacons and Council

Guidance and Resources for Deacons and Elders If you are a deacon, elder, or pastor in the CRC, you'll find the resources in this article both informative and useful. Diaconal Ministries Canada provides support, enouragement and resources for Deacons in Canada.


The Empathy of Christ We’ve all had moments where we’ve empathetically suffered with others to the point where it really did feel like we’d suffered the loss ourselves. Thinking back to the times when this has happened in me, I recall those moments feeling incredibly Christ-like. What if Jesus empathized like this all the time? Then surely he does know more about suffering than ‘just’ those pains which he directly endured himself.

Pastor Church Resources supports congregations and their leaders in times of transition and discernment by providing consultations and resources that foster personal and communal health. See more

Pornography: Help for Churches and Leaders Pornography is a pervasive yet largely unaddressed problem in today’s world, including the church. Pastors and other church leaders have fallen victim to the use of pornography and the CRC has spent some time in discerning helpful tools for churches. This Network post addresses the problem and suggests resources for churches and individuals. Please take a moment to read and pass along to your council and other church leaders. See more

The Ridder Church Renewal initiative is a 30 month journey for pastors and church leaders to engage in personal faith renewal. A team of leaders from a congregation journey together to grow in their leadership styles, engage in deep reflection and create authentic communication. The group is assigned homework and meets monthly to share lessons learned. The end goal is to equip leaders to become more missional within their communities, and recognizing that that process starts with personal transformation.  Currently in Ontario there are more than a dozen churches participating. “I have much accountability and consistency in my spiritual disciplines. Ridder has grown my propensity and capacity for adaptive leadership, building in time for deep reflection,” says one pastor. See more

Top Ways to Start Your Season Well Webinar presenters Ron deVries and Koenraad Beugelink share the top 14 ways Canadian youth ministry leaders have used to start their youth ministry seasons well.