Social Justice in Canada

More than 85% of Canadian CRC members believe that doing justice is an essential part of Christian faith (to learn more, read about the Justice and Faith Project). Why? Because we see God’s heart for justice woven throughout the biblical story. We may have different understandings of justice and we may focus on different places of brokenness in the world, including the issues listed below, but we act in love for the world…because God loves it too!

Want to dive in? We’ve gathered some resources below from the CRC and our partners to get you started.

Want more biblical background on the call to justice? You can consider following this Live Justly curriculum with your church or small group. 

Already ready to take action? Get action alerts related to main justice issues from the Centre for Public Dialogue.

We want to hear from you! Which justice issues is your congregation involved with? What justice issues do you want to learn more about? To answer these questions and more, contact Canada's Justice Mobilizer, Cindy Stover at [email protected].


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada has been highlighted as “the most central issue in Canadian politics”. We are called by Christ to reconciliation and this work is part of fulfilling that call. Find ways your church can get engaged.
Canada’s vast natural beauty belongs to our Creator, who calls us to a posture of care. Find ways for your church to become engaged in the conversations and practice of caring for our planet.
In our churches and communities, we should work to end the isolation of persons with disabilities and their families, nurture their spiritual lives so that they become professing and active church members, and encourage the use of their gifts in serving God.
When we seek Food Justice, we seek systems of fairness that are shared among God’s children of every tribe, tongue, and language. See how your local body of believers can get involved.
Living in Canada brings with it a healthy appreciation for a diversity of cultures. Many of those people groups are from countries where poverty is an ongoing challenge. Learn how your congregation can participate in very real ways toward loving your neighbours across the globe.
Human trafficking is not something that happens in faraway, impoverished countries; it happens right here in our neighbourhoods and can involve girls of various races, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and religious backgrounds.
Justice is an integral aspect of Christian faith and life. The CRC in Canada hopes to engage churches in a collaborative effort seeking to more fully understand the relationship between justice and faith in the CRC.
“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” From the beginning of our lives to their end, you can engage your church in these justice issues.
In the CRC in Canada, many of our forebearers came out of war-torn Europe in WWII and understand the horrors that war brings. For many years, our partnership with Project Ploughshares and others has affirmed our biblical stance that Christian people are peacemakers.
In 2011, Statistics Canada reported that 14.9 percent of Canadians are in "low income" households. People living in poverty are part of our communities and churches. Find out how your congregation can be part of the solution.
In Canada, our racial diversity is a strength and it is also our challenge. Christians of all colours and cultures need to understand and learn what it means to “live in one accord.” The CRC in Canada has spent much time in developing ways for us to grow in this area.
Immigrants and refugees are a central part of the Canadian story. As a denomination established in the 20th century by immigrants to this country, we are well placed to be supportive to the continuing refugees and immigrants who come to this new land.
More than 85% of Canadian CRC members believe that doing justice is an essential part of Christian faith.