Creation Care

Canada’s vast natural beauty belongs to our Creator, who calls us to a posture of care. This posture is critical because beyond the direct effects on "the environment", our failure as stewards of creation also impacts the wellbeing of other humans, particularly the poor, the hungry, and the powerless, who God has called us to aid.

Background Information

Our World Belongs to God (FF)

CRC Office of Social Justice: Creation Care (SL)

CRC Office of Social Justice Creation Stewardship Task Force Report Summary Powerpoint (SL

Creation Care Resources on The Network (MJ)

Advocacy Support

CBC Interview with Katharine Hayhoe – "How to talk climate change with evangelical Christians" (SL)

Climate Witness Project (Phase Two) Description (SL)

Infographic: Living Faithfully into a New Climate (FF)

Jesse Edgington Hired as Regional Organizer for Edmonton (SL) 

National Resources Defense Council Global Warming Facts (SL) Partner Resource

Jesse Edgington Hired as Regional Organizer for Edmonton (SL)

World Renew Creation Care (GM)

Prayer Service Highlights Climate Change (GPW)

CRC Celebrates Pope’s Call to Climate Action (GM)

Article on Climate Change and Poverty in Canada (MJ)

Worship Resources

CRC Office of Social Justice Worship Resources (GPW)

Sermon: Global Warming and the End of the Age (GPW)

Small Group Materials

Mennonite Creation Care Curriculum (SL) Partner Resource

Leadership Development

Check out this brochure (pdf) from the 2014 Creation Care trip to Bangladesh (FF)

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies (Creation Care for God’s World) (SL) Partner Resource

A Rocha (Christian Organization for Environmental Stewardship) (MJ) Partner Resource

Books and Movies

"For the Love Of" Video and Study Guide (GM)

Living Ecological Justice (FF)

Living Justice: A Gospel Response to Poverty (MJ) Book


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