“The Food Justice movement strips down issues related to food production and access to reveal the hidden layers of oppression within our food system (such as unequal rights for migrant workers)” (from Food Secure Canada). When we seek Food Justice, we seek systems of fairness that are shared among God’s children of every tribe, tongue, and language. See how your local body of believers can get involved.

Background Information

World Renew Food Justice Resources (GM; MJ)

Worship Resources

Canadian Foodgrains Bank Worship Resources (GPW)

Advocacy Support

A Slow-moving but Overwhelming Disaster (MJ)

CRC Office of Social Justice Simple Living Resources (SL)

ServiceLink (Opportunities to volunteer for food security) (SL)

Canadian Foodgrains Bank Educational Resources (FF) Partner Resource

Citizens for Public Justice (Food Security Discussions) (SL) Partner Resource

Fair Trade Canada (MJ) Partner Resource

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (MJ) Partner Resource

Food Secure Canada (SL) Partner Resource

Global Post: Global Income Inequality (GM) Partner Resource

The Conference Board of Canada: Income Inequality (MJ) Partner Resource

World Health Organization: Food Safety (MJ) Partner Resource

Books and Movies

Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating (FF) Partner Resource

Canadian Foodgrains Bank: Videos (MJ) Partner Resource


2011 Calvin College Food and Security Lecture Series (GM) Partner Resource

Leadership Development

The Poison of Comfort (FF; GPW) Partner Resource