Justice and Faith Project

More than 85% of Canadian CRC members believe that doing justice is an essential part of Christian faith.



This is one of many interim findings of the Justice and Faith project. The findings are presented in two reports:

These reports provide descriptive summaries of the data that has been collected over the course of this past year. They are supplemented by discussion of relevant academic and popular literature in three blog posts from earlier this year on the Institute for Christian Studies’ Ground Motive blog:

The Justice and Faith research team will be analysing these data over the next several months. We welcome your input and feedback as part of this process by participating in  teleconferences, Day of Encouragement workshops, and community forums. A full list of scheduled events can be found on the Get Involved page.

Justice and Faith Project: Individual Spirituality and Social Responsibility in the Christian Reformed Church in Canada is a two-year, collaborative project seeking to more fully understand the relationship between justice and faith in the CRC, and to encourage and enable CRC people to embrace justice as an integral aspect of Christian faith and life.

The Justice and Faith project is a partnership between the Christian Reformed Church, the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics at the Institute for Christian Studies, and the Centre for Community Based Research. It is funded by a Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


Information about the project’s focus, funding, administration, and why the project matters.