In the CRC in Canada, many of our forebearers came out of war-torn Europe in WWII and understand the horrors that war brings. For many years, our partnership with Project Ploughshares and others has affirmed our biblical stance that Christian people are peacemakers. Here you'll find a range of helpful materials for your local church.

Background Information

CRC Position Statement on War (MJ)

Peace and War Resources (CRC Office of Social Justice) (MJ)

Peacebuilding (CRC Committee for Contact with the Government) (MJ)

Peacebuilding and Human Security (CRC Centre for Public Dialogue) (MJ)

Worship Resources

Peace & War Prayers (CRC Office of Social Justice) (GPW)

Worship Service Example of Peace Sunday (Meadowvale CRC) (GPW)

  • Peace Worship Service Outline (download)
  • Peace Worship Service Scriptures (download)
  • Peace Worship Service PowerPoint (download)

Advocacy Support

International Day of Peace (MJ) Partner Resource

Peace & War Blogs & Resources (CRC Office of Social Justice) (MJ)

Peace Ethics (GM) Partner Resource

Project Ploughshares (SL) Partner Resource pdf page 3

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (MJ) Partner Resource

United Nations Peacekeeping (MJ) Partner Resource