Unless you are an Aboriginal person, people in Canada must know that their family line is from someplace else. Immigrants and refugees are a central part of the Canadian story. As a denomination established in the 20th century by immigrants to this country, we are well placed to be supportive to the continuing refugees and immigrants who come to this new land. See how your congregation can be a part of someone else’s healthy inclusion to our country.

Background Information

Refugee Crisis: What is Canada Doing? (MJ; GM)

Syrian and Iraqi Resettlement Letter to Classis (MJ; GM) pdf

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Worship Resources

Immigration Preaching Challenge (GPW)

Advocacy Support

Canadian Government to Match Donations for Syrian Refugee Crisis (Deadline Extended) (MJ; GM)

CRC Refugee Sponsors - In Their Own Words (World Renew) (GM)

The Invisible Victims Report (MJ)

Middle East Refugees Resettlement Initiative (GM) Partner Resource

Private Sponsorship and Public Policy (MJ)

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Books, Movies and Blogs

Journey With Refugees (CRC multi-agency approach) (MJ; GM) video

Refugee Resettlement Handbook (World Renew) (MJ; GM) pdf

The Refugee Crisis: Make It Personal (MJ) blog

Leadership Development

From the Church in Lebanon to the Church in Europe (MJ; GM) Partner Resource pdf