The CRCNA provides webinars to support you and your church's ministry. Below are webinar recordings from Canadian presenters, and you can access the full list of webinar recordings here. For more information and to see the live webinars coming up, visit

Church Health and Renewal
Discipleship and Service
Inclusion and Understanding
Outreach and Evangelism

Church Health and Renewal

Church Renewal: The Journey of 3 Lands & 2 Rivers, Presenter: Jack Tacoma
In this webinar we'll visit an old metaphor to help us understand the elements necessary for healthy and lasting renewal.

Atonement Confusion, Presenter: Roy Berkenbosch
This webinar will discuss this issue and suggest that a more comprehensive view of the atonement can lead to a more comprehensive mission for the church - something we desperately need in our day and age.

Hemorrhaging Faith, Presenter: Peter Schuurman
This webinar introduces some of the sobering statistics about youth staying, leaving and returning to church in Canada.

The Intergenerational Church, Presenter: Syd Hielema
This webinar will build on intergenerational biblical foundations and provide a wide variety of ideas and resources for strengthening the interaction between the generations in our congregations.

Navigating the Challenges of Church Renewal, Presenter: Jack Tacoma
The journey of congregational renewal is like the ancient journey of the Hebrews: there are river crossings and rebellions, mountains and wilderness. What does this all look like at the congregational level, and what should leaders, including pastors, expect?

Missional Worship for Missional Living, Presenter: Chris Schoon
This webinar presents a basic structure of a worship gathering, exploring a variety of ways that communal worship can form God's people for a missional way of life.

When Jesus is Lord: From Confession to Organization, Presenter: Neil de Koning
This webinar will explore the way habits have power over the church organization and suggest some key habits that are faithful to our tradition and transformative to the church culture.

Disagreeing Agreeably: Practicing Grace Instead of Exerting Contol, Presenter: Martin Vellekoop
This webinar is for any Christian who desires to grow in their own capacity to be a grace filled presence in the middle of a challenging exchange.

Youth Ministry and Intergenerational Faith Formation, Presenters: Syd Hielema and Lesli van Milligen
Youth ministry programs and intergenerational faith formation together build sturdy discipleship. This webinar examines the the many ways that an entire congregation blesses its teens.

Discipleship and Service

Discipling & Enfolding New Christians, Presenter: Hilda Vanderklippe
This webinar presents basic principles of discipling and enfolding which will help you embrace the new people God is sending to your church.

Called to Be an Elder? Now What? (Spring) Presenter: Andrew Beunk
This webinar explores the nature of spiritual leadership in the church and answers questions such as: What does that involve? How is that carried out in today's culture? How can I serve in an office that I feel "unqualified" for? 

Called to Be an Elder? Now What? (Fall) Presenter: Andrew Beunk
Now you are ordained by the church to provide spiritual oversight to the body of Christ. What does that involve? Together we will explore the nature of spiritual leadership in the church.

Diakonia Remixed, Presenter: Roy Berkenbosch and Terry Woodnorth
This webinar will examine and discuss the Diakonia Remixed (Office of Deacon Task Force) report to synod, a report that re-visions the diaconal calling and calls for greater participation of deacons in the life of the church, including its major assemblies. 

New Elders: Key Understanding and Practices, Presenter: Neil de Koning
This webinar introduces the basics of how to discern vision and organizational identity, when the church becomes dysfunctional and how to grow our capacity as leaders and nurture our spiritual life.

Top Ways to Start Your Season Well, Presenters: Ron deVries and Koenraad Beugelink
In this webinar the presenters share the top 14 ways Youth ministry people from across Canada have used to start their youth ministry seasons well.

Youth Leaders’ Top Teaching & Curriculum Resources, Presenters: Ron deVries and Koenraad Beugelink with special guest Karen DeBoer
This webinar examines a number of teaching resources and curriculum that many of the Canadian Youth Ministry Champions have used or are using for their youth groups. 

Engaging Parents in Youth Ministries, Presenters Lesli van Milligen and Ron deVries
Recent findings agree that parents continue to be one, if not THE, strongest influence on a young person’s faith formation. This webinar explores how to both support and mine this most important youth ministry resource.

10 Steps Toward Intergenerational Youth Ministry, Presenters Syd Hielema and Lesli van Milligan
This webinar explores ten specific practices that will serve both youth ministry and the intergenerational church in strengthening their faith formation work.

Sending Young Disciples Into the World and Loving the Ones Already There , Presenters Helena Allan and Ron deVries
This webinar provides guidelines to help congregations minister to high school students preparing for graduation and offer helpful tips on how to care for students once they are in college or at a university.

Inclusion and Understanding

A Conversation about Mental Health and Ministry, Presenter: Brett Ullman with Ron deVries
In this webinar Brett Ullman shares his story and gives insight into where his help came from and how churches and leaders can provide support for those affected by mental health issues.

Being Community: Walking Beside Persons with Mental Illness, Presenter: Elly VanAlten
This webinar explores how to take first steps in walking beside someone with mental illness. Various forms of mental illness will be introduced and suggestions will be given for what people in the pew can do to respond in love.

Nurturing Generous Spaciousness: A Response to Gay Christians in the Church, Presenter: Wendy Gritter
This webinar will reflect on the stories of gay Christians and encourage transformational dialogue that honours our convictions and commitments.

"Why Don't They Just Snap Out of It?", Presenters: June Zwier and Winnie Visser
This webinar will give resources to walk alongside those who experience mental illnesses in a way that is supportive.

Everybody Serves: The Picture Needs Each Piece, Presenters: Shellie Power & Mark Stephenson
This webinar teaches ways to recognize that every individual, including persons with disabilities, has been created with gifts that are needed by the body of Christ.

Icebergs in History-The Doctrine of Discovery, Presenters: Mike Hogeterp & Mark Charles
How has the DoD shaped our relationships with Indigenous Peoples? This webinar answers questions such as: What is the DoD? Why is it important? And what does it have to do with ministry today?

Outreach and Evangelism

Mission Montreal, Presenters: Various
Joining together with Diaconal Ministries Canada, Classis Eastern Canada, and its “partner on the ground” Christian Direction, CRC Home Missions and Christian Reformed World Missions have helped to form the ministry called Mission Montreal, the first of its kind in North America.

Walking Alongside Our Muslim Neighbors, Presenter: Greg Sinclair
In this webinar the presenter examines some of the basic beliefs and practices of Islam and learn why loving Muslims is biblical.

Learning to Love Muslims, Presenter: Greg Sinclair
In this webinar you will learn some practical knowledge of Islam and some steps that you can take to better love your Muslim neighbor.

7 Reasons to Live Among, In and With Your Neighborhood, Presenter: Karen Wilk
This webinar explores how and why living in, with and among your neighbours is so important. 


Decoding Canadian Charitable Giving for Missions, Presenter: Trish de Jong
In this webinar you’ll discover how compliance with Canadian charitable giving regulations changes your church’s funding of missionaries, short term teams and missions activities overseas.

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