Got Faith Formation Challenges? We're Here to Help!

FFM’s Regional Catalyzers (RCs) have one goal: to help you strengthen the faith formation efforts in your congregation.

Our Regional Catalyzers are experienced ministry leaders who are here to

  • encourage and equip your church’s faith formation leaders
  • lead workshops on a variety of faith formation topics
  • gather cohorts of CRC churches around specific topics
  • connect you with helpful ministry resources from the CRC and beyond.

There is no charge to your church for consulting with a Regional Catalyzer, so feel free to reach out any time!

How to Connect with Your Regional Catalyzer

Check out the list of regions below to locate the Regional Catalyzer who serves your congregation. Then just send an email to introduce yourself and request a meeting by phone, videoconference, or in person. (If your region is not represented on this list, contact us at [email protected].) We look forward to talking with you!

Alberta—Ron deVries

Ron has been working to strengthen youth ministry for more than 20 years. He serves as FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for Alberta and also as Youth Ministry Catalyzer for the CRC and Canadian SERVE director for Youth Unlimited. His work focuses on supporting and equipping youth leaders. Read more about Ron in this CRC News article and this interview. Contact Ron at [email protected].

California/Korean Churches—Ron Chu

Ron is FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for Korean churches in California. He also serves as the Global Ministry Pastor at Ttokamsa Mission Church and is a regional catalyzer for the CRC’s Connections Project. Ron has a passion for raising leaders for Christ and discipling millenials, and he believes ministry should be FUN! Learn more about Ron in this interview and contact him at [email protected].

California—Kristen Rietkerk

Kristen and her husband Tim, a retired US Army chaplain, have been married for 27 years and have 4 children and a lovable dog named Lady. Kristen has a deep love for connecting people in meaningful ways and served for 10 years as a small groups and leadership development consultant for local churches near military installations. Kristen holds a Bachelor’s degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. In her free time, you’ll find her listening to bluegrass, reading fiction and eating a York peppermint patty. Her greatest joy is listening to people share their stories about life, love and the eternal search for meaning. Contact Kristen at [email protected].

Eastern Canada—Lesli van Milligen

Lesli is FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for Eastern Canada-Winnipeg to Halifax. She is ordained in the CRC and has co-pastored in both Canada and the U.S. with her husband, Tom. Along with supporting local congregations in strengthening their cradle to grave faith formation practices, Lesli is passionate about building into the next generation of leaders through leadership workshops for youth, young adults, and church councils.  Learn more about Lesli in this interview, and contact her at [email protected].

Michigan—Laura Keeley

Laura Keeley is FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for congregations in Michigan. She also serves as director of children’s ministries at Fourteenth Street CRC in Holland, MI. Laura is the author of the Church Staff Handbook, several units of Faith Alive’s WE curriculum, and co-author with her husband, Bob, of articles on faith formation, Christmas dramas, and the books Celebrating the Milestones of Faith and Psalms for Families. Learn more about Laura in this interview, and contact her at [email protected].

Midwest (MN, IA, WI)—Trudy Ash

Trudy is our regional catalyzer in the Midwest Region (Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin). She lives in Minnesota, and feels blessed to also work for the CRC’s Connections Project. In 2017 she opened up a coffee and ice cream shop called King Sparrow Coffee & Soda Shop in her hometown of Milaca, Minnesota. Trudy has a deep passion for local churches and loves to hear their stories over a cup of coffee! Learn more about Trudy in this interview and contact her at [email protected].

Vancouver/BC—Liz Tolkamp

Liz is FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for British Columbia, Pacific Northwest, Columbia and Yellowstone. She also serves as an ordained commissioned children’s pastor at her home church, Willoughby CRC in Langley, BC. She’s especially passionate about faith formation with children/families and involving children and youth in the life of the church. Learn more about Liz in this interview, and contact her at [email protected].




Children and Youth Catalyzers

The following Faith Formation Ministries team members specifically support CRC churches in their commitment to children’s ministry and youth ministry.

Children's Ministry Catalyzer - Mimi Larson

Mimi Larson is FFM’s Children’s Ministry Catalyzer. One of Mimi’s greatest joys is being with people, learning with them, and encouraging them on their ministry journey. For over 25 years, Mimi served in local church ministry in both small and large churches and has written curriculum for Faith Alive Christian Resources, Big Idea/Veggie Tales, and the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure. Get to know Mimi in this short video. If you have questions or challenges about faith formation in children, choosing curriculum, equipping volunteers, and more, contact Mimi at [email protected].

Youth Ministry Catalyzer - Ron DeVries

Ron has been working to strengthen youth ministry in the CRC for more than 20 years. As Youth Ministry Catalyzer for the CRC, his work focuses on supporting and equipping the denomination’s youth leaders. Read more about Ron in this CRC News article and this interview. Ron is also FFM’s Regional Catalyzer for Alberta, and serves as Canadian SERVE director for Youth Unlimited. Ron can help your church with strengthening faith formation with teens and youth, reaching today's young people, connecting with Classis Youth Ministry Champions, and more. Contact Ron at [email protected].

Dwell Curriculum Coordinator - Jill Benson

Jill Benson is the Dwell Curriculum Coordinator. She has previously interacted with Dwell as a teacher, parent and Children’s Ministry Director and is passionate about bringing the big story of the Bible to kids of all ages. Jill enjoys in-depth study of God’s Word and holds degrees in Biblical Languages and Old Testament from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She lives just outside of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, Steve and their two children. Jill fills her spare time with reading, drinking coffee, knitting, writing and enjoying God’s beautiful creation with her family. If you have any questions related to the Dwell curriculum, contact Jill at [email protected].