Welcome to the Faith Practices Project

If you’re longing for a deeper, more life-giving faith, join us for a dive into transformational Christian practices.

Are you feeling worn out, discouraged, or ready for something new? You’ve come to the right place. The Faith Practices Project, hosted by Faith Formation Ministries, invites you to refresh your spirit by experimenting with life-giving spiritual disciplines.

Beginning in September 2020, each month we’ll release a new set of resources focusing on one of twelve faith practices.

For each practice you’ll find creative ideas for individual and communal practices, Scripture passages to read, a helpful intro article, thought or discussion questions, and a list of resources for going deeper.

water dropsFaith Practices Project: Hospitality

Hospitality is the act of making space for guests, visitors, or strangers, and extending to them the privileges of family.


water glassFaith Practices Project: Generosity

Generosity is freely sharing with others the many gifts God has given us. A spirit of generosity arises from gratitude. As we imitate God’s own generous nature, our generosity overflows to bless the people around us.


water dropFaith Practices Project: Gratitude

Gratitude is our response of thankfulness for God’s goodness, love, provision, and grace. It is the undercurrent of all other faith practices—the well out of which they flow.


featherFaith Practices Project: Sabbath

Sabbath, God's gift to us, is a time set apart to rest from work, worship God, tend to our soul, and bless others.