Engaging Scripture Individually

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The goal of engaging Scripture is to grow in knowing God and ourselves so that we are continually transformed into the likeness of Christ. Here are some unique ways not only to read the Bible but also to enter into deeper engagement with God’s Word.

Explore Ancient and Modern Christian Practices

  • Lectio divina: If you’ve heard of this practice of meditating on Scripture but haven’t tried it, the article Lectio Divina: An Ancient Contemplative Spiritual Practice on Faithward.org is an excellent place to start.
  • Meditation: Check out the blog post Helps for Meditating on the Psalms by Matt Stafford for creative ideas that apply not only to the psalms but to any Scripture passage.
  • Journaling: What Is the SOAP Method? And Other Methods for Bible Journaling by Tracie Rollins on BibleJournalingMinistries.com
  • Transcription: Write out Scripture passages by hand to help yourself slow down as you meditate on the words of the passage.
  • Memorization: Committing Scripture passages to memory cements them in your heart and allows you to bring them to mind during times of need or celebration.

Find a Practice that Fits Your Unique Personality

Dive into Themes

Delving into biblical themes can be an excellent and refreshing way to experience Scripture. Some thematic possibilities:

  • God’s love for humanity
  • God’s faithfulness
  • Jesus’ “I am” statements (“I am the vine”; “I am the good shepherd”; etc.)
  • Questions Jesus asks (see the excellent study The Jesus Questions by Sam Gutierrez, a small group study that’s also great for personal reflection.