Want to strengthen your congregation’s faith formation practices? Check out Faith Formation Ministries’ online toolkits! These collections of resources from CRC churches and other excellent sources can spark action, creativity, and real change in your church.


Given the rapidly increasing number of people in the third third of life—ages 55 and older—the time is ripe for churches to think creatively about ministry with, for, and by older people.
This toolkit will help you develop a vision for family faith formation in your congregation and equip parents and caregivers with family faith practices and resources.
In this toolkit you’ll find hundreds of ideas for building a strong, vibrant children’s ministry in your church and addressing the challenges that arise.
This toolkit is designed to encourage and equip your church to cultivate a culture that nurtures faith in God and fosters deep relationships as all ages learn and grow, serve, and worship together.
This toolkit offers resources to help your church craft relevant, welcoming profession of faith practices that will encourage members of your congregation to affirm their baptism by publicly declaring their faith before the community of believers.
What do people need in order to grow in their faith? How do you know if your church is meeting those needs? That’s where the Building Blocks of Faith come in.
The resources in this toolkit will help your congregation develop a storytelling culture in which sharing faith stories becomes a deep, rich, natural pathway to growing together in Christ.
Whether you’re a congregation that has been welcoming children to the table for a long time or a congregation that’s just beginning to explore what including children might mean for your church, this toolkit is for you.