Youth Ministry

A Vision for Youth Ministry

We at Faith Formation Ministries desire to see youth ministry grounded in the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church, directed toward growth in Christian discipleship. In Scripture, our hope is found in passages like this one in Jeremiah (29:11) where we read; "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

We also long to see youth ministries that are rooted in grace, part of a larger comprehensive vision of intergenerational discipleship, and built on solid foundations of leadership development. Knowing this, the following two definitions might help us cast a vision for youth ministry in the CRC.

Discipleship: Discipleship is an intentional process that meets people where they are and takes them where they need to go in Christ. We long to be disciples who mature into the blessings and sufferings of the Father, Son, and Spirit in order to be a blessing in this hurting world. We are grateful for the privilege we have of participating in discipling relationships with teens as we walk together with integrity and authenticity (recognizing how central relationships are to the discipling process).

Congregations: We believe that healthy youth ministry takes place in congregations that are shaped by grace and committed to preparing God’s people for works of service. All of us, from the oldest to the youngest, are sinners called to come to the cross to find new life in Jesus Christ. All of us, from the oldest to the youngest, are called to mature in that grace our entire lives. We are grateful for the CRC practice of making a covenantal vow as a congregation at the baptism of a child.

We’d love to connect with you, whether it’s just to chat, or to answer any questions you might have. Please email us and we’ll get back to you.

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Youth Ministry Resources

Welcome! The resources in this collection were all chosen with Reformed congregations in mind. Feel free to pick and choose and to alter these resources for your own unique context.

We evaluated these resources before posting them, but organizations do frequently change the content of their materials. So if you find a resource that doesn’t seem to fit the CRC context, please let us know.

Questions? Ideas? We’d love to connect with you! Email us at [email protected].

You can also visit the Youth Ministry Resources section of the Network to view the latest youth ministry resources and articles posted by other youth ministry leaders.

Spiritual Characteristics of Children and Teens

Spiritual Characteristics of Children and Teens--this brochure describes development patterns from preschool through high school. Helpful for youth workers, pastors, teachers, and parents.

Come and See . . . Our World Belongs to God

Come and See . . . Our World Belongs to God is a discipleship manual based on the Contemporary Testimony Our World Belongs to God written and designed by CRC Pastor Sid Couperus for high school students, new believers, small groups, and followers of Jesus.


Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited has an almost 100-year connection to the CRC through a variety of youth ministry-related faith-forming events. SERVE provides week-long youth mission experiences in locations throughout North America.

Leadership Stuff

Hiring a Youth Pastor or Director 

Looking for someone to head up your youth ministry? Check out Hiring a Youth Pastor or Director: What Churches and New Hires Should Know—a new resource by our youth ministry catalyzer, Ron deVries.

Youth Specialties

Youth Specialties offers resources and training for churches through events like the National Youth Workers Convention.

Youth Pastor

This is a very simple page containing links to resources. There are also job postings outside of the CRC.

Simply Youth Ministry

Simply Youth is under Group Ministries (like the magazine) umbrella offering resources for purchase. Many are downloadable and many are not just youth ministry focus.

Ministry Architects

Ministry Architects is a ministry consultation tool for churches looking to cast vision and develop structure for church. ministries

Spiritual/Personal Renewal

Faith Haven Ministries

Located in Vernon, BC, Canada, this is a retreat center offering a place for quiet reflection or professional Christian counselling. Many youth pastors have been blessed by this ministry.

Ten Ways Tools

Ten Ways tools: these one-page resources are great conversation-starters

Find a CRC Ministry

Find a Ministry 

This link will take you to a page filled with information on other Christian Reformed agencies or ministries.

Parent stuff

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding helps parents to better understand the culture teens are living in. Culturally relevant and up to date. An important website to have at your fingertips. 

Can’t-Miss Books!

Growing Young (Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, Brad Griffen)

A must-read for all youth leaders (volunteer or paid), senior pastors, and church councils. FFM has copies available for you at $10.00 per book.

Meet Generation Z (James Emery White)

A resource book to help leaders understand and reach the new post-Christian world. Very insightful and current. 

Sustainable Youth Ministry (Mark deVries)

This book is a “go to” for anyone looking to develop or even strengthen youth ministry structure. Simple to read with lots of examples.

Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker (Andrew Root)

Look at the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and how his ministry relates to what we do in youth ministry. A fascinating read.


Toolkits: Each of these online resource collections includes helpful resources for youth ministry


Youth Ministry Events

Visit the Youth Ministry events Network page to view upcoming youth ministry events. You can also create an account and post other events that you are aware of!

Connect with Youth Ministry Champions

Faith Formation Ministries oversees a growing network of Youth Ministry Champions, one for every CRC Classis. Each champion works to empower and encourage those working on the frontlines of congregational youth ministry. Champions listen, pray, help connect, and serve as a voice on behalf of youth leaders at Classis. Their desire is to strengthen youth ministry in the CRC through networking, sharing resources, and counsulting.

Here is a list of the Youth Ministry Champions:

Classis BC North West

Ashley Patton

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 778-678-0259



Classis BC South East

Koen Beugelink

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 604-807-0420



Classis Alberta North

Bill Nieuwenhuis

Email: [email protected]


Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan

Chris Vanderberg

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 403-381-4147



Classis Lake Superior

Helena Allan

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 204-799-9342



Classis Huron

Amy Baarda

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 519-274-4239



Classis Hamilton

John Bijl

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 905-807-5094



Classis Niagara

Anna Bailey

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 905-687-3372



Classis Toronto

Lesli VanMilligen

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 519-820-2375



Classis Quinte


Classis Eastern Canada

Ron Hosmar

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 613-255-7834



Classis Greater Los Angeles and South

Mario Perez

Email: [email protected]


Classis Columbia 

Stephen Jansons

Email: [email protected]


Classis Georgetown 

Fig VanderMolen

Email: [email protected]





Classis Illiana

Sarah Vanderaa

Email: [email protected]


Classis Lake Erie

Brendan Stevens

Email: [email protected]





Classis Lake Superior USA

Travis Deur

Email: [email protected]


Classis Rocky Mountain

Bret Lamsma

Email: [email protected]





Classis Northern Illinois

Andrew Pasek

Email: [email protected]





Classis Yellowstone

Kyle Deboer

Email: [email protected]


Classis Holland

Raeanne Walters

Email: [email protected]


Classis Muskegan

Sandy Mast

Email: [email protected]


Classis Chatham

Jon Pollnow

Email: [email protected]



Classis Iakota, Classis Minnkota, and Classis Heartland

Lee DeGroot

Email: [email protected]





Classis Central California

Brandan Bajema

Email: [email protected]

Youth Ministry Webinars

Visit the Youth Ministry Webinars network page to listen to the latest youth ministry webinars.


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