Journey Toward Ordination

Here is an overview of the grand variety of resources that are available online.

1. Access to the basic introduction tool for CRC ordination routes.
The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) has two types of pastoral ordination. The title “Minister of the Word” is used to describe those ordained to denomination-wide ministry in the CRC. There is also a localized ordination with the title, “Commissioned Pastor”. Local, regional, and denominational teams of church leaders guide individuals toward each of these ordinations. The basic tool for introduction to these ordination processes is a booklet called Journey Toward Ordination.

2. Tools for the Routes to Ordained Ministry
You will also find a variety of other tools and resources for finding your way through:

  1. the “seminary training route” (Church Order Article 6).
  2. the “exceptional giftedness route” (Church Order Article 7).
  3. the route for those already ordained in another denomination (Church Order Article 8).
  4. the route to ordination as a Commissioned Pastor (Church order Article 23)

3. Additional Resources for individuals and committees on the ordination journey
We also have a variety of tools for local and regional committees who help others through the journey toward ordination. Some of these tools will also be of interest to individuals seeking ordination.

If you have any problems finding the documents you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.