Disability Consultation

Disability Concerns is available to offer assistance by phone (888-463-0272), letter, email, or (when possible) in person on matters related to ministering with persons with disabilities, their families, and their churches.

We have general information on a wide range of disabilities and are in contact with organizations serving people with disabilities in a variety of ways. We do not staff licensed counselors, nor do we operate facilities offering shelter, work, or professional services to people with disabilities. However, we will give any help we can in establishing contact between inquirers and such facilities.

We are available to plan jointly with a church or a group of churches conduct workshops that train people to organize disability ministries, whether they be respite programs or support groups of various types. Support groups may be for people with a specific disability or group of disabilities (developmental, emotional, mental, physical, sensory), or they may be support groups for parents or siblings of people with such disabilities.