Justice Engagement Survey for Canadian Churches

We want to help you meet your ministry goals and offer support as you equip your congregation to humbly live out justice and mercy in your local context.

By completing this survey, you’ll be sharing the justice interests and activities of your congregation with us. Your insights will help us to develop resources and offer coaching that is relevant to the unique needs of our Canadian churches.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact Cindy Stover at [email protected].

I'm here to help! As a Justice Mobilizer for Canadian Ministries, I want to support you in accessing the resources you need to vibrantly and sustainably do justice in your churches, your communities, and around the world. I also want to learn from you and share the exciting work being done in your local settings with other justice leaders - there is so much we can learn from each other!

Let's talk! Contact me to share your justice story.

Cindy Stover
[email protected]
905-336-2920 x.4123