Contact Pastor Church Resources

Lis Van Harten, Director
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2805

  • Administration: providing administrative leadership for Pastor Church Resources.
  • Grant Opportunities: administering Peer Learning Grants for pastors and Continuing Education Grants for pastors and ministry staff.
  • Care and Development for Pastors: providing opportunities for pastors such as peer groups and resources related to well-being.
  • Communication: sharing ministry news and resources with congregations, pastors, and ministry leaders.

Al Postma, Classis Renewal
[email protected]
800-730-3490 x4563

  • Strategic Coaching: assisting classis leaders who are realigning their regional ministry structure for health and renewal and/or are facing challenging situations that intersect with classis.
  • Leadership Development: ensuring that training is available to those who serve in various classis roles.
  • Convening: creating space for classis leaders across the denomination to connect with one another.
  • Thriving Together: directing the Thriving Together program, which seeks to build collegial mentoring relationships for pastors at key transitional moments in ministry.

Dave Den Haan, Ministry Consultant
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2712

  • Consultation: providing assistance to pastors and churches in times of transition, crisis, and discernment.
  • Healthy Church Discernment Process: overseeing the initiative to help churches strengthen their lives with God, deepen their connections with members, and sharpen their senses of mission.
  • Resource Development: lead development of elder, deacon, and council resources.
  • Learning Events: conducting seminars and training events for pastors and church leaders.

Kim Rankens, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2837

  • PastorSearch Process: providing information and support to churches and pastors involved in a pastor search process.
  • Administrative Coordination: providing administrative assistance and coordination to PCR staff.
  • Event Planning: overseeing and organizing PCR events for churches/pastors/ministry leaders - including the Pastors' Wives' Conference.
  • Specialized Transitional Ministers: coordinating the STM program--ministers who walk alongside congregations during times of transition.

Margie Brenner, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2173

  • Thriving Together: providing administrative support for the Thriving Together program.
  • Classis Renewal: administrative coordination for classis renewal initiatives.
  • Better Together: participate in the implementation of the Better Together Project recommendations.
  • Regional Functionary Support: assisting PCRs Regional Pastor, Church Visitor, and Classis Renewal ministries.

Nate Rauh-Bieri, Financial Shalom Program Manager
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2877

  • Financial Shalom: supporting pastors' and churches' financial wellbeing and sustainability
  • Bivocational Pastors: providing resources and support for bivocational pastors and their churches
  • Continuing Education: administering grants and curating offerings to form pastors in ministry
  • Accessibility: helping diverse pastors and churches utilize these resources for healthy ministry

Sean Baker, Ministry Consultant
[email protected]
877-279-9994 x2678

  • Consultation: providing assistance to pastors and churches in times of transition, crisis, and discernment.
  • Mentoring: helping to connect newly ordained ministers with mentors.  
  • Specialized Transitional Ministers: providing leadership and oversight to the STM program—ministers who walk alongside congregations during times of transition.
  • Learning Events: conducting seminars and training events for pastors and church leaders.

If a staff member cannot be reached, please contact [email protected]