Racial Reconciliation Workshops


The Dance of Racial Reconciliation (DORR) and Widening the Circle (WTC) are racial reconciliation curriculums, designed by Christian Reformed pastors and leaders. The workshops are for everyone in the Christian Reformed Church—the seminary and seminary students, denominational agency staff, urban congregations in changing neighborhoods, pastors and council members, youth pastors, campus ministers, missionaries, small group leaders, church planters, members of the Board of Trustees, college professors, executive staff, antiracism teams, youth groups and Sunday school teachers, and Christian educators/school teachers.

Most of the participants may be members of the dominant culture—overwhelmingly  white, and often defensive regarding racism. The facilitators will come from different ethnic backgrounds.

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The essence (mission) of the church is to proclaim the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. The intended consequence of this is to gather the nations, build peace in the communities we live in, and be one body united by one Spirit serving one Lord (Matt. 28, I Cor. 12).

Racism is a sin—a barrier to realizing God’s vision. Racism hurts all. It violates the image of God in us. Racism is present throughout our society and in our church. All societies, suffer from the debilitating effects of racism. Many of us do not understand racism, its effects, and how to undo it.

A DORR or WTC workshop is the beginning.

Dance of Racial Reconciliation (DORR): DORR is an antiracism and racial reconciliation workshop that involves activities to recognize, expose, and dismantle racism in all its forms (systemic, cultural, institutional, and personal) and to experience biblical reconciliation as a diverse and unified people of God. The workshop covers the kingdom value of diversity, dismantling racism, and racial reconciliation.

Widening the Circle (WTC): WTC is an antiracism workshop used in Canada and specific to Canada. It covers five topics: (1) celebrating our unity and diversity in Christ, (2) faith and culture: our true identity, (3) exploring brokenness in the Canadian context of racism and resistance, (4) exploring self-awareness and structures to identify racism, and (5) steps to wholeness by building relationships and action steps.

Dance of Racial Reconciliation—Small Groups: DORR—Small Groups takes the regular DORR workshop and reworks it for small groups. The audience is adults, and the curriculum has been developed for use in an adult education setting the local church.

Dance of Racial Reconciliation II (DORR II): DORR II is intended to be another contribution toward equipping God’s people to work for racial reconciliation. It is designed to deepen what was started with DORR and WTC and give hope to those trying to get at the root causes of racism, to address systemic issues, and to provide a deeper knowledge of racial reconciliation. Its three themes are unity, justice, and reconciliation, along with a section on trauma and cycles of violence.

The Blanket Exercise is a participatory 90-minute workshop that literally walks participants through the history of relationships between Indigenous peoples and other peoples in North America. It helps participants understand why reconciliation is needed and how to take steps toward reconciliation and new relationships. Both Canadian and American versions are available.

Leadership and Race: Leadership and Race is a workshop that deliberately pursues inclusion through six tasks: (1) introduction; (2) objectives, expectations, and guidelines; (3) biblical foundations; (4) assumptions; (5) framing the issue; and (6) mountain plan—identifying the journey. This workshop is geared for those in leadership positions.

Church Between Borders: The Church Between Borders workshop is a collaboration among the CRC offices of Social Justice and Race Relations and the Reformed Church in America. It is about (1) how churches can be welcoming presences for immigrants, (2) how churches can help in the struggle immigrants face when they are not able to get documentation for living in the United States, and (3) how churches have the awesome ability to transform that struggle by acting with justice and mercy.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Building: The Cultural Intelligence Building workshop focuses on concrete skills to improve our ability to act and react in positive ways across cultural lines. These four concrete skill areas are (1) knowledge, (2) motivation, (3) interpretation, and (4) behavior. Through carefully tailored interactive exercises, participants become aware of their personal life-long journey in Cultural Intelligence, as they build their own capacity to improve their CQ over time.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please call the Office of Race Relations (877) 864-3977 to contact Idella Winfield, administrative coordinator.