Your church will be coached through the following general phases and steps, a process that normally takes 6-9 months. After a Ministry Plan is in place leadership may opt for continued coaching or to continue the discernment process in a more focused way, aimed at particular areas of the church’s life.

Phase I: Preparation

  • Decision/commitment to use Healthy Church Discernment Process (HCDP)
  • Formation of HCDP Planning and Prayer teams
  • Orientation/preparation at leadership retreat to understand HCDP and their roles in it
  • Leadership and congregation in discernment

Phase II: Information Gathering

  • Online Healthy Church Comprehensive Survey administered to congregation
  • Gather additional information about congregation and community

Phase III: Conversations

  • Conversation about the information that has been gathered: Planning Team and leadership
  • Conversation about the information that has been gathered: Planning Team/leadership with congregation
  • Planning Team prepares summary of conversations
  • Leadership retreat (or additional congregational conversations) to develop priority issues

Phase IV: Ministry Plan

  • Planning Team formulates Ministry Plan/Priorities for implementation
  • Ministry teams and congregation live out Ministry Plan shepherded by leadership or Implementation Team

Phase V: Celebration

  • Dedication, celebration and healthy living (as Plan/Priorities lived out)

Phase VI: Continuation

  • Repeat process in 3-5 years